Intellipure Compact Filter Replacements

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See below for instructions on when and how to replace your Intellipure Compact Filters. We also include information on where you can buy the filter replacements for your unit.


The flashing DFS light on your Intellipure Compact air purifier indicates when it is time to clean or replace the internal filters.

If the Intellipure Compact unit is in constant use, we recommend the following maintenance schedule:

  • Pre Filter: replace every 6 months
  • High Energy Grid: clean every 3 months
  • Main Filter: replace every 9-12 months


The device should be turned off, unplugged and the motor should completely stop before any maintenance is performed on your air purification unit.

All filter and unit maintenance instructions are also detailed in the user manual that came with your unit, along with accompanying images to guide you through these processes.

Follow the steps below to remove and replace the Pre-Filter:

  1. Turn off the unit and unplug it from the power outlet.
  2. To open the front panel, pull the side tabs located on the lower panel towards you, then lift upwards.
  3. Remove the Pre-Filter from the device.
  4. When replacing the filter, be sure to pay close attention to the Air Flow markings which indicate which way the filter should be installed. The Air Flow indicator on the edge should be on top and the indicator arrows should point away from you and towards the back of the unit.
  5. Once the filter is positioned inside the unit, you may  put the front cover back in place. Insert the tabs at the top of the cover into the slots on the unit, then swing the cover down. When it is securely in position, you will hear the magnets click.

Follow the steps below to remove and replace the Main Filter:

  1. Follow the steps to replace the Pre-Filter.
  2. Once the Pre-Filter has been removed, use a screwdriver to remove the (2) screws holding the Main Filter in place.
  3. Remove and discard the old Main Filter.
  4. Slide the new Main Filter into place, and screw the (2) screws back in place.
  5. Reinstall the Pre-Filter and front cover.
  6. Press and hold the POWER button for five seconds to reset the timer. The DFS indicator will quickly flash three times indicating the timer has been successfully reset.



Where to buy

To purchase a new Intellipure Compact Filter Set for your device, visit the Delos Online Shop. The Intellipure Compact Annual Filter Set includes (2) Pre-Filters and (1) Main Filter to maintain your unit over the course of 12 months of constant use.

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