Why isn't my Intellipure 468 turning on?

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There are mechanisms inside your Intellipure 468 unit that need to be set correctly in order for the device to turn on. These mechanisms can become dislodged during shipping, filter maintenance or while moving the unit from one location to another if not handled with care

See the list below for important things to remember when removing and installing the internal filters in your Intellipure 468 to ensure it is reassembled correctly:

  • On the inside of the front grille, there is an integrated plastic mesh with 10 locking tabs that help keep the Pre Filter in place. If all 10 locking tabs are not properly inserted in place, the front grille will not be able to properly seat on the front of the device.
  • When reinstalling the 468 Main Filter, make sure it is pushed all the way to the back of the device.
  • When reinstalling the High Energy Grid (HEG), make sure the front bottom edge of the HEG is seated behind the plastic lip catch plate on the bottom of the device before the HEG is rotated to the vertical position and secured in place by turning the top lever. You may need to reinstall the HEG several times for it to seat itself well if your machine is brand new.
  • When following the instructions to replace the front grille, press the top and bottom of the grille against the system to make sure it’s fully seated. The bottom of the front grille has a one-inch long plastic tab that needs to enter the machine sufficiently to engage a power switch.

If you are still having trouble operating your Intellipure 468 unit, please contact us at support@delos.com with your model number, serial number and a brief description of the issue you are facing, and we will be happy to assist you.

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