Why is the DFS light red?

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If the DFS Indicator Light is red on your Intellipure 468 air purifier, that could mean that your DFS has been deactivated (the DFS button was pressed accidentally) or your DFS High Energy Grid requires routine maintenance.

To reactivate your DFS, simply press the DFS button. This should turn off the red DFS Indicator Light, and your DFS Button should now be lit if it is working properly.

If routine maintenance is needed, follow the steps below to clean the High Energy Grid (HEG):

  1. Follow the instructions to remove the front cover of the unit.
  2. Turn the top safety lock lever on the HEG from vertical to horizontal.
  3. Gently pull out the HEG and set aside on a secure, clean and dry surface.
  4. Use a microfiber cloth or small vacuum to clean the HEG. You may also use a clean damp cloth to wipe off the dust on the High Energy plate and wires. If a damp cloth is used, the HEG must be air dried before reinstallation.
  5. Reinstall the HEG with the safety lock lever on top and High Energy plate facing out towards you.
  6. When reinstalling the HEG, make sure the front bottom edge of the HEG is seated behind the plastic lip catch plate on the bottom of the device before the HEG is rotated to the vertical position and secured in place by turning the top lever. You may need to reinstall the HEG several times for it to seat itself well if your machine is brand new.

If you are still having trouble operating your Intellipure 468 unit, please contact us at support@delos.com with your model number, serial number and a brief description of the issue you are facing, and we will be happy to assist you.

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