How to set up the Sensor Kiosks on Kaiterra Dashboard

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This guide and content is for informational purposes only. Please read and follow all manufacturer installation, usage, and safety manuals and instructions.


What is a Kiosk view: 

Kiosk View is an easy way to display your sensor data without logging into the Kaiterra platform. It shows air quality measurements by each sensor and cycles through all the installed sensors every 10 seconds. You can share the permanent link to your employees or other stakeholders to see the sensor data and a snapshot of air quality in their building or room.

  • Visit
  • Log in with your user credentials

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  • On the main dashboard, click on “Kiosk View” on the menu bar

Image 5.2


  • Click on “Create a Kiosk”

Image 5.3


  • Create a name for the Kiosk (District #_School Name) 
    • USD 123_ABC School
  • Select “Air Quality” mode 
  • Select “Single indoor devices or average”

Image 5.4


  • Select “Light” or ”Dark” as the Theme, based on your personal preference
  • Under “Devices”, click “Open device picker”

Image 5.5


  • Click the drop-down button of your school and select the sensors associated with that school, then click “Select” when done

Image 5.6


  • Under ”Carousel mode”, select “Enable carousel mode” and set the transition interval to 10 seconds
  • Un-check “RESET Viral Index”, keeping the rest of the parameters checked
  • Click “Create” to save the kiosk view

Image 5.7


  • You will see the Kiosk that you just created
  • To view your dashboard, click on the arrow at the bottom right of the school name
  • To share the Kiosk View with others, click the chain button in the bottom right corner of your kiosk to copy the link. You can then send the link to your colleagues via email, text message, or another messaging app.

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Sensor Kiosks Guide

    • How to set up the Sensor Kiosks on Kaiterra Dashboard Guide

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