How To Use the Kaiterra Enterprise Configuration Tool

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Instructional Guide

This guide and content is for informational purposes only. Please read and follow all manufacturer installation, usage, and safety manuals and instructions.

  • Open the Kaiterra Enterprise Configuration Tool on the device where you have downloaded the software.
  • Plug your sensor to the power source (if not done already). 
  • Remove the cover of the sensor.
  • Insert the sensor modules by aligning the pin connectors of the sensor modules to the pin connectors inside the sensor.
  • Switch the power button to the “on” position. The LED indicator will then turn on. 
  • On your device’s WiFi setting, search for the sensor’s WiFi network (SSID) that starts with “Kaiterra-SE-200P-XXXXXX”.
  • If you cannot find the sensor’s SSID on your device’s WiFi setting, it means that the sensor is not in commissioning mode. If that is the case, turn off the sensor and turn it back on. Wait 30 seconds and then you should be able to connect to the sensor’s WiFi network from your device. 

Image 3.0  Turn on the sensor. Watch for the LED indicator.


Configure Tool

Image 3.1  Landing page of the Kaiterra Enterprise Configuration tool. Click Configure to start.


  • Ensure that you’re connected to the sensor’s WiFi network.
  • Press "Configure" on the Configuration Tool.

Image 3.2  Device details page of the Kaiterra Enterprise Configuration tool.


  • You will see your sensor device's details, including its Unique Identifier (UDID), which will be needed later to add the device to your Kaiterra Dashboard.
  • Copy and paste the UDID into your notes.

Image 3.3  Device detail page showing sensor IDs, model number, and firmware version. 


  • Click on the Configure tab on the top to continue commissioning the sensor device.


Image 3.4  Configuration view. Add your school’s WiFi and Password.


  • Enter the name of the room where the device is installed in (District#_School Initials_Room Name).  For example:
    • USD123_ABC School_Room Name
  • If the device is hard-wired to the internet via ethernet, skip the following steps and click on “Configure Device” at the bottom of the page.
  • If the device is connecting to the internet via WiFi, continue through the  following  steps:
    • Enter your school's WiFi network in the SSID text box.
    • Enter your school’s WiFi password in the Password text box. 
    • Leave all the other settings as default (i.e., Security and Network Type

Image 3.5  Advanced configuration options. Leave the default.


Image 3.6  Configure device.


  • The rest of the settings are for Advanced configuration only. Leave the default. 
  • Once complete, click "Configure Device" at the bottom of the App, and your sensor device will use those settings to connect to your school WiFi network.
  • Once you have commissioned your sensor, you should then proceed to creating an account on the Kaiterra Dashboard (unless you have done so previously) How to Create an Account on Kaiterra Dashboard.


Sensor Commissioning Video


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