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Indoor air quality and health in schools: A critical review for developing the roadmap for the future school environment

 "In this article, we summarize and explore the most relevant and recent research studies that have been conducted on school IAQ and related social and health impacts on pupils and staff. We also critically reflect on the existing knowledge and literature whilst highlighting the areas with the highest uncertainties. Our focus is on identifying how different factors affect CAQ and comfort in schools, and hence pupils’ health and wellbeing. Based on this review of the literature, we have also proposed a roadmap to improve indoor air quality in schools."

- Journal of Building Engineering


How indoor air quality in schools affects student learning and health

"Some U.S. schools are using federal relief funds to improve indoor air quality amid the COVID-19 pandemic. If you’re covering the issue, it’s important to know what the research says about how air quality can affect student health and achievement."

- The Journalists Resource


Creating Healthy Indoor Air Quality in Schools

"Promote a healthy learning environment at your school to reduce absenteeism, improve test scores and enhance student and staff productivity."

- United States Environmental Protection Agency


Indoor Air Quality: Schools

"Indoor air quality (IAQ) is a concern in many schools due in part to the age and poor condition of a number of school buildings. School IAQ is particularly important as it may affect the health, performance and comfort of school staff and students."

- Occupational Safety and Health Administration


Indoor Air Quality in Schools Guide

 "As the nation continues to battle the COVID pandemic, institutions across the country, including schools, are working hard to ensure a safe reopening. According to the guidance issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), ensuring safe operations in schools requires maintaining healthy facilities - this includes adequate ventilation for good indoor air quality.i

Unfortunately, schools around the country have long been met with the challenge of balancing tight budgets and multiple priorities, which can lead to delayed maintenance of their facilities. A 2020 study from the U.S. Government Accountability Office shows 41 percent of schools need to update or replace their ventilation systems.ii

The goal of this Guide is to:

  • Provide a useful overview of indoor air quality
  • Share tools that schools can use to improve air quality
  • Offer guidance for navigating CARES/CRSSA funding to improve air quality in schools"

- American Lung Association


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