What do the status lights on the Sensedge Mini mean?

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Light status

Device status

Likely cause of this behavior

Blinking Red No network connection. Incorrect credentials (i.e., SSID, password, etc.) prevent the device from connecting to the Internet.
Blinking Yellow Attempting to connect to the router. This will happen in-between the stages of clicking "Configure Device" and "Device Configured".
Slow Glowing Green Connected to the router, trying to connect to the Internet. This will happen after the device has established a connection to the router. From there, the device will try to connect to the Internet.
Blinking Green The device is currently in "Configuration Mode" – with no configured device (smartphone, computer, etc.) connected to it yet. This happens when the device is first turned on and there are no pre-configured network connections in the device's memory. The device is waiting for a smartphone or PC to connect to its Wireless Access Point (AP).
Constant Green A configured device (smartphone, computer, etc.) is connected to the device's Wireless Access Point (AP). When you are connected to the Sensedge Mini's Wireless Access Point (AP), the status light will be a "constant" green, indicating that you are connected and the device is ready to be configured.
Rapid Red The device’s "RESET" pinhole button is being pressed; the device has successfully reset its configuration settings. Using the "RESET" pinhole button will cause the device to forget all previous configuration settings. You must hold this button down for ~10 seconds in order to successfully reset its previous configuration settings.
Constant Red The device has an internal failure. When the device has an internal failure, it will refuse to power on or power off, and will only display a constant red light (and will not change to any other color).This is a rare occurrence; if you believe your device is faulty, please contact our team for further support.
Off The device is either powered off or is working as intended. There is a chance that the device has lost power, which is why the status light is no longer turned on/displaying any lights.However, as long as the device went through its connectivity phases, if the light shuts off, the device is connected to WiFi.

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