I am not getting any indoor air quality sensor data through the DARWIN App

If the app shows “No Data Available” 

The “No Data Available” message will appear if you have not opted for the DARWIN air activation. Ensure that you have purchased this feature with your home builder, developer or dealer prior to troubleshooting.

The “No Data Available” message indicates that the Delos Air Quality Sensor is unable to communicate information to the DARWIN Hub. This will occur if the sensor is turned off or has lost network connection. 

1. Confirm that the Air Quality Sensor and the DARWIN Hub are both powered on and connected to the same Internet network.

2. On the home screen of the air quality sensor, navigate to "Settings" and then "Device Details" to confirm that all data is being sent to DARWIN through the local Wi-Fi network.

If the problem continues, contact our support services here.

If the app shows “Loading Data“

If you have just replaced the sensor modules in your Air Quality Sensor, the “Loading Data” message may appear for approximately 2 minutes before displaying indoor air quality data. If you are still experiencing issues, follow these steps: 

1. Shut down the device by holding down the power button until you receive the popup to shutdown. 

2. Wait 3 minutes with the power off before powering the system back up.

If the problem continues, contact our support services here.

General Troubleshooting 

If you are not getting any indoor air quality sensor data on your App, go to your Kaiterra Air Quality Sensor monitor and follow the steps below: 

1. Navigate to the "Settings" tab on the bottom left of the screen. 

2. Check the internet connectivity for both Wi-Fi and Ethernet. 

3. If both Ethernet and Wi-Fi are connected, go back to "Settings" and select "Device Details". 

4. Under "Device Details", locate and select "MQTT".

5. Check the box on the bottom to see if the primary and secondary MQTT is delivering successfully. It should read “MQTT (Primary/Secondary) Delivery Complete” in green. 

6. If you notice the MQTT is not delivering properly, tap the "Restart Services" located above the box. 

7. If it still does not show data, turn the Air Quality Monitor on and off. 

If the problem persists, contact our support system here

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