Pairing Google Home and DARWIN

PLEASE NOTE: Google Home and DARWIN pairing is only possible after DARWIN has been fully activated in the home. Please have your DARWIN credentials ready as you will need them in step 10 below. 

1. Select the "Account" icon on the bottom right corner of the Google Home App. 

2. Select "Settings".

3. Select "Services".

4. Select "Explore".

5. In the search prompt enter "DARWIN Wellness" to install the native google skillset for DARWIN. 

6. Select the DARWIN App.

7. Select the option "Send it".

8. Select the Google device(s) that you want to connect to DARWIN.

9. You will be prompted to a screen to enter your DARWIN credentials.

10. Enter your DARWIN credentials and DARWIN Hub ID as prompted.

11. Once the credentials are submitted, DARWIN and Google Home are successfully paired.

12. Complete steps 2 to 11 again, but on step 5 search for "DARWIN Home" to install the non-native google skillset for DARWIN.

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