Scheduling DARWIN Activation


Questions relating to your DARWIN Activation:

How do I schedule my DARWIN Activation?
You should have received a Welcome email that included a link to schedule your DARWIN activation. If you have not received that email please email us at to schedule your appointment.
How long will the DARWIN Activation process take?
The DARWIN Activation process will take approximately 60-90 minutes. The exact time frame will depend on the amount of devices that need to be activated in the home.
How should I prepare for my DARWIN Activation?
Your home comes fitted with air, water and light solutions, specified by Delos. Prior to scheduling your activation, please ensure that your internet connection is set up and your Wi-Fi is working. Once your activation appointment has been scheduled, a certified Delos Technician will bring any other additional hardware required to successfully activate your home.
Do you need internet connection to activate the system?
Yes, the house will need to be fitted with a Wi-Fi network prior to activating the system.
Does the Activation expert work for Delos?
Yes, the activation expert is a Delos employee.
What happens if something goes wrong during the installation process?
If you have any issues after your scheduled installation, please contact us through this site (
What should I expect immediately following the Activation of DARWIN?
Upon activating, DARWIN begins to passively monitor and enhance your indoor living environment. In the days following Activation, you may see a poor Indoor Air Quality score. This may be a result of toxins and pollutants emitting from building material, alongside furniture or other equipment used in the home building process. To enjoy Delos' circadian lighting experience, ensure that you have activated and set up your Sleep and Wake schedules on the DARWIN App. Please note that features may vary depending on your purchased package with your selected reseller. You can contact customer support by clicking here to open a support ticket if you'd like to ask any questions about your specific DARWIN package.
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