How do I set a Sleep or Wake Schedule?

From the DARWIN App home screen on your mobile phone or tablet, locate the Navigation Bar at the bottom of the screen (left-hand side for tablet) and follow the instructions below:

1. Tap on “Experiences”.


2. Touch “Schedules” near the upper right corner of the screen.


3. Scroll to find the desired bedroom. Note that only bedrooms will appear for sleep and wake schedules.

4. Tap “Add” for the room you wish to schedule.

5. Tap “Set Sleep” or “Set Wake”.


6. Tap the time to set a Sleep or Wake reminder time.


7. Tap the days you wish to use this reminder time. A blue check signifies that a day has been selected.


8. Tap “Save” to set your Sleep or Wake Schedule.

9. If audio is selected, “Track” appears. Tap “Track” to select the desired sound to wake to. To hear a preview prior to selection, tap the play button next to a track. Select your desired track and click “Apply” when finished.


To edit existing schedule, locate your desired reminder on the “Schedules” and tap “Edit”.

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