Adding Bluetooth Mesh Gateway to the Network (Tuya)

Install the Bluetooth Mesh Gateway (BLE Bridge)

1. The BLE bridge does not come with a power supply so you will need to bring with you a 5v power supply and USB cord. 


2. Plug the BLE Bridge in the room that the lights will be installed.

i. ** The Bridge needs to be within 10 feet of the first light in a group. (Lights themselves within 10 ft of other lights)

ii. ** The Bridge uses wifi to connect to your Wifi Router so that will need to be within 15-20 ft of the placement of the bridge

iii. Max distance may need to be reduced if there is built environment interference like metal studded walls, large mirrors, stainless steel kitchen appliances, etc. 

iv. Note, if the room where the lights are installed is far away from the wifi router, it is best to temporarily plug the bridge close to the router while you commission it to wifi.  Then once it is added to the Tuya app, move it to the room that it will be in.

v. Plug the bridge in a place that is out of the way so no one accidentally unplugs it



 Adding the Bridge into the Tuya App

1. Make sure you are signed in with the homeowner’s credentials.

2. Make sure your BLE is turned on 

i. Go to the top right corner and hit the + symbol

ii. Then select “Gateway Control” on the left.

iii. Then select “Wireless Gateway (Bluetooth)


 iv. Make sure the bridge has the red and blue light flashing

v. The phone will now search for the bridge

vi. Once found click the + symbol       


3. Now the app will sync the BLE bridge to your wifi

i. Make sure that your phone is connected to the 2.4ghz wifi.

ii. You will need to turn on location services by clicking “Set Now”

iii. You can select “While Using the App”


4. Once the Bridge is synced to wifi, you will be asked to select a room

i. You can select any room to install, it does not have to match to the actual room it is in

 **Note, you will see a message to update the firmware…


















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